About Us

Tolerys is a Preclinical-Stage Company Developing First-in-Class Biotherapies to Treat and Prevent Allergic Diseases in Humans and Companion Animals

Several allergic disorders affect both humans and companion animals. Interstingly, the pathophysiology and clinical presentation are similar when we compare canine atopic dermatitis or feline allergic asthma to the corresponding diseases in humans.

Strikingly, a high proportion of patients respond partially to treatment, and thus the same significant unmet clinical needs exist whether we consider ourselves or our pets.

Our Mission

Tolerys' purpose is to bring a safe and potent way to treat and prevent allergic disorders over the long-term by restoring immune tolerance with biotherapies at the forefront of innovation.

Since humans and other animal species could benefit from our technology, we are dedicated to develop novel veterinary and human medicinal products in parallel.

Our Values

Drug development doesn't proceed in a straight line. Reflecting that reality, we consider open-mindedness and honesty as major aspects to create a positive and productive team atmosphere capable of adapting its plans when challenges arise.